The small state,formerly Malacca,is one of the more interesting states in Malaysia. In the 15th century it was the largest port in South-East Asia, though its importance has long since declined. Its history is riveting and the town has fascinating examples of Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and Islamic architecture throughout its rambling streets.

Melaka town is small and easy to negotiate on foot, bicycle or trishaw. The most interesting parts are near the river and along the original waterfront. Here, particularly around the Dutch built, town hall where you will find a number of churches and the Culture Museum. On the opposite river bank, in what has become, Chinatown there are more interesting architectural landmarks worth visiting. Boat trips down the river make it possible to view the lifestyles of the people of the area and see more historic architecture en-route.

Melaka's beaches may not be what most would imagine to be a tropical paradise setting but there are a few close by worth visiting. The islands in the area are popular destinations for holidaymakers and weekenders. Hiring a boat or going on a tour is a worthwhile way to see the are. Pulau Besar has good beaches although the sea is not clean. the jungle walks on the island, though are good. The islands have accommodation, as does Melaka itself. In Melaka hotels can be found both in the town and in the resort areas further out of town.

There is so much to see and do in the area that Melaka makes a worthwhile stop-over for the traveler with a camera or sketchbook in hand or time to spare and an interest in history.


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