Malacca is a land of many sights and attractions, rich in color and contrasts. Her multi-racial populations lives and works in harmony as one people, yet preserving at all times the traditions and cultures unique to each race.

Malacca's fascinating cultures are strongly evident everywhere one goes. From the typical roadside stall to the royal palace, the rich heritage of Malacca's cultural traits continue to influence the lives of the people here.

The colorful cultural aspects are evident in the games people play, in the exotic food they prepare, in the many art forms and pastimes, in the glorious festivals that are reverently look forward to and indeed in the many facets of their lifestyles.

So rich and fascinating are the cultures that volumes have been written about them. Visitors to Malacca too are often awe-inspired by the sheer fascination of the multi-faceted cultures.

Martial Arts
In Malacca, there's a various type of martial arts. The Malays with the Silat, Wushu of the Chinese and Silambam for the Indians. Some other martial arts found in Malacca are such as Tae Kwan Do and Karate Do.

Silat is the Malay art of self-defence. This fascinating Malay sport is also a dance form. In this art of self-defence, the practitioner also develops a spiritual strength according to the tenets of Islam. There are many silat groups in Malacca. Silat demonstrations are held during weddings, national celebrations and of course during silat competitions.

Dondang Sayang
Dondang Sayang were traditionally sung for centuries and are still popular as a mode of entertainment. Pantuns or quatrains sung in Dondang Sayang is unique and unlike any other performing arts. Pantuns are in reality quatrains in which the first and the third, second and fourth lines rhyme and often possess a assonance. The singers take turns to match and rebut each other's pantuns. The versatile singers with their spontaneous and impromptu cajoles and rebuttals sometimes get carried away into the wee hours of the morning.

The musical instruments that accompanied the Dondang Sayang consists of a violin, rebana and gong and sometimes the accordion too.

The origin fo Dondang Sayang is said to be from Malacca. The Dondang Sayang is not only popular among the Malays but is also indulged by the Babas and Nyonyas, Chittys and Portuguese- Eurasians of Malacca which became the popular traditional song and music of Malacca. In some Dondang Sayang performances, men and women dance to the music.


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