MALACCA: Prices of controlled items in the state has not increased, State Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Department Deputy Chief Enforcement Off-icer Abdul Halim Abdul Karim said.

He said his officers had been monitoring the prices of chicken and other food items and found that traders were following the ministry’s price lists.

“Up to now, my enforcement officers have not found any trader selling poultry above the controlled price in the state,” he said.

The retail ceiling price for standard chicken remains at RM6 per kg and super chicken at RM6.70. The wholesale price for standard chicken and super chicken are RM5.40 and RM6 respectively.

However Abdul Halim said that many traders had complained that the chicken price set by the Government was too low.

“I told them that the supplier price was enough for them to make a profit,” he told reporters after conducting surprise checks at the Melaka Sentral market recently.

A dozen officers from his department took part in the operation to check the prices of all controlled goods in the market and did not find anyone flaunting the law. Similar spot-checks were also conducted in markets at Alor Gajah, Merlimau, Masjid Tanah and Pulau Sebang.

Abdul Halim also commended the positive attitude of some traders who were selling their items below the controlled price.

“Red chillis under the controlled price list is RM8 per kilo, but some traders were selling it at RM6 per kilo because they still could make a profit without being greedy,” he said, adding that surprise checks would be stepped up near Hari Raya.

He also offered some words of advise to consumers for the coming festive month.

“Compare prices in other places before making a purchase, don’t overspend and don’t indulge in panic buying because there is sufficient stock of food items.”


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