MALACCA: Chinese New Year festivities here kicked off with the launch of an exhibition featuring 500 brightly-lit replicas of famous landmarks and animals.

The exhibition, held next to Malacca River, is among the state’s latest attractions for tourists.

One item that stands out is a 50m red dragon illuminated by 700 lights.

Wow factor: The 50m red dragon seen during the fireworks show in Malacca recently.

At its launch, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the dragon was crafted by artisans from China.

“The exhibition makes the Malacca River cruise more exciting, especially at night,” he said to reporters after touring the site.

Apart from the dragon, there are replicas of Porta De Santiago, Independence Memorial Museum, a traditional Malay wooden house, Eye on Malaysia, Menara Taming Sari and animals like rabbits, deer, birds, bees, butterflies and dogs and plants like the rose and hibiscus.

“We will add more replicas that represent Malacca and Malaysia,” said Mohd Ali.

He said the state spent RM1.8mil on the exhibition which will last for two months.

“We may extend the exhibition for up to a year, depending on the response,” he added.

Engineer Goh Jun Hao, 23, said the exhibition was great, especially the red dragon.

During the event, it showcased a spectacular 20-minute fireworks display witnessed be thousands.



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