MALACCA: Christmas this year will be extra special for residents of the Portuguese Settlement who will host some 30,000 people at the national-level celebrations on Dec 27.
The residents of the 118 homes have been working feverishly to get their houses and village ready for the event.
Regedor (headman) Peter Thomas Gomes said that most of the homes have already put up Christmas trees and decorations and the entire village is expected to be lit up by today.
Festive joy: Marina Danker, 42, putting the finishing touches to her Christmas tree with sons Ezekiel Hendricks, seven, (right) and Isaiah Henricks, nine.
“The village is like a Christmas fairyland decked with decorations and thousands of flickering lights,” he said, adding that each home spent about RM350 on lights and decorations with the well-to-do families spending up to RM10,000.
“This year is extra special for us as we have been given the honour to host the national Christmas celebrations,” he said.
An open house will be held for visitors along Albuquerque Road from 4pm to 6pm before Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi launches the celebration at 8.30pm.
Resident Marina Danker, 42, a kindergarten teacher from Texiera Road, said her family began putting up decorations last week.
“I had to spend a little more this year as I had to change the Christmas lights which I bought two years ago,” she said, adding that she spent about RM400 on decorations and lights.
She said that residents were honoured to show the nation how the Portuguese community celebrated Christmas.

Source: The Star,


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