Gawai Day Celebration

Be entertained with the state of Sarawak traditional dances. Also in store will be traditional games and cooking demonstration.
Date: 1 - 2 June 2008
Venue: Taman Mini Malaysia / Mini Asean
Organiser: K.I. Pengurusan Holdings
Tel: +606-2321331
Fax: +606-2321335
DataranPahlawanMelakaMegamall Children's Day Celebration
The 1st AnnualDataranPahlawanMelakaMegamall's Children Day Celebration. This day was created to acknowledge the value of children and to educate parents on the importance of giving them love, protection and respect. The three essential elements children need to become strong and successful adults. There will be fun-filled activities, competitions, performances and fund-rising colour competition in aid for the orphanage in Melaka.
Date: 8 June 2008
Venue: Dataran Pahlawan
Organiser: Lianbang Ventures Sdn Bhd
Tel: +606-283 2828
Fax: +606-2838828
PIBT Carnival 2008
A special programme with numerous activities to be enjoyed such as karaoke singing competition, colouring contest and mini concert.
Date: 14 - 15 June 2008
Venue: Perkampungan Ikan Bakar Terapung Umbai
Organiser: Perbadanan Melaka Holdings Sdn. Bhd.
Tel: +606-232 1211
Fruit Parcu
Join the local Chetti community and take part in the celebration of its fruits season. Available will be a host of local fruits and tradditional Chetti dishes, simple to work your taste-buds to the fullest.
Date: 15 June - 15 July
Venue: Chetti Cultural Village
Organiser: Chetti Cultural Village
Tel: +6019-6677226
Fax: +606-2832127
Festa San Juang
The feast of St. John. Candles are lighted at all houses at the Portuguese Settlement in the evening.
Date: 23 June 2008
Venue: Portuguese Settlement
Organisers: Portuguese Settlement; Regedor's Panel
Tel: +606-284 7050
Fax: +606-284 6578
8th Melaka International Youth Dialogue (MIYD)
A gathering of youth from all over the world to gain knowledge and discuss problems affecting youth today.
Date: 23 - 25 June 2008
Venue: Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC)
Organiser: Secretariat Melaka Assembly of Youth
Tel: +606-232 2711
Fax: +606-232 7271
Festa San Pedro
Experience Portugal in Malaysia. The feast of St. John is commemorated by the local Portuguese Eurasian community where a lighted torch motorcade makes its way from AssumptionChurch to the Portuguese Settlement for the lighting of a bonfire.
Organiser: Portuguese Settlement; Regedor’s Panel
Date: 24 June 2008
Venue: Portuguese Settlement
Tel: +606-284 7050
Fax: +606-284 6578
Dragon Boat Race
Thrills and excitement galore as long water dragon like boats compete against each others
Date: 25 June 2008
Venue: Melaka River
Organiser: Pertubuhan Perlumbaan Perahu Melaka
Tel: +606-238 15649
Mega Sale Carnival
Gear up your credit cards and head to Mahkota Parade for shopping, shopping and more shopping with over 200 outlets of fashion, food and entertainment under one roof.
Date: 27 June - 31 Aug 2008
Venue: Mahkota Parade
Organiser: Hektar Black S/B
Tel: +606-282 6151
Fax: +606-282 7305
Fashion Campaign
Get ready to be blown away by Mahkota Parade's fashion campaign with weekly fashion shows by top models featuring the latest trends.
Date: 27 June - 7 Sept 2008
Venue: Mahkota Parade
Organiser: Hektar Black S/B
Tel: +606-282 6151
Fax: +606-282 7305
Historic Melaka International Run 2008
Thousand of foreign and local competitiors converge to compete in an International Marathon along scenic urban and rural routes.
Date: 29 June 2008
Vanue: Taman Bandaraya, Bukit Serindit
Organiser: Historic Melaka City Council
Tel: +606-231 6411
Fax: +606-281 6084
Feast of St Peter
Feast day of the historical St Peter's Church building, presently restored to its original dignity and embellished by significant stained glasses to depict the life of Jesus Christ. The statues of St Peter, first leader of the Catholic Church, stands prominently behind the high altar while the visitor is greeted by the stained glass of St Peter, above the entrance to the Church.
Date: 29 June 2008
Venue: St Peter's Church
Organiser: St Peter's Church
Tel: +606-282 2950
Fax: +606-284 1010
Pesta Masakan Warisan Negeri Melaka
Date: June 2008 (dated to be confirmed)
Venue: Jalan Kota
This enthralling event situated along Jalan Kota will showcase the best of Melaka ethnic cuisine. Savour the array of mouth-watering local delicacies and also enjoyed other activities.
Melaka Museum Corporation (PERZIM)
Tel: +606-282 6526
Fax: +606-282 6745
National Astronomy Seminar
National Level Yearly Seminar held with presentation of various working paper of Astronomy. Date: June 2008 (dated to be confirmed)
Venue: Pusat Falak Al-Khawarizmi
Organiser: Jabatan Mufti Negeri Melaka
Tel: +606-284 7920
Hari Keputeraan Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di Pertuan Agung
A special cultural performance to commemerate the occasion.
Date: June 2008 (dated to be confirmed)
Venue: Taman Mini Malaysia / Mini Asean
Organiser: K.I. Pengurusan Holdings
Tel: +606-232 1331
Fax: +606-2321335


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