Hang Kasturi is one of the five great warrior brothers that includes Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu. The five brothers where great warriors during the reign of the Melaka Sultanate especially during the regime of Sultan Mansur Shah (1456-1477). The courage and strength of the five great warriors plus the wisdom of the Bendahara Tun Perak has helped the Melaka Sultanate to expand the Melakan empire up to as far as the Malay Archipelago. Thus, the Melakan empire gained the respects of friends and foes. In the Malay Annals (Sejarah Melaka), Hang Kasturi was set to be the traitor for accusing his brother Hang Tuah without proper investigation. Hang Tuah, who was hidden by the Prime Minister in Ulu Melaka, took revenge by killing Hang Kasturi in such a big battle for being a traitor to the Sultan. However, based on another story known by many people, Hang Jebat was the real traitor who finally died in the arm of Hang Tuah. The structure of the Hang Kasturi's mausoleum was much influenced by the art and architecture from India where there are spaces to put light around the tomb. This tomb is staggered and has medium levels, unlike other tombs which are long and said to be holly. This mausoleum has been gazetted as a historic site.


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